Friday, December 21, 2018


Five Visual Poems by Dona Mayoora
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"One stanza at a time"

"Portrait of a Poet" 

"The Sun changes its story"

"Vishadamalhar - Melancholic Rain"

 "Writing blues with moonlight"


Dona Mayoora aka Donmay is a bilingual poet and interdisciplinary artist born in Kerala, India and residing in Connecticut, USA. Published author in India (Malayalam Poetry, Ice Cubukal, Insightpublica, 2012) and Sweden(Visual poetry, Listening To Red, Timglaset Editions, 2018). Creator of Calligraphy Stories, onomatopoetic graphic narrative without text.

Malayalam poem has been included in the academic syllabus of Pondicherry University. Poems has appeared in Indian Literature- published by India's National Academy of Letters, Malayalam literary survey and Sahityalokam - published by Academy for Malayalam literature, Women Poets of Kerala: New Voices, Kerala Kavitha, Naalamidam, Bhashaposhini, Pachakuthira, Samakalika Malayalam, Deshabhimani and elsewhere

Visual poetry has appeared in (2016, 2018), Utsanga, Obra/Artifact, The New Post-literate, Asemic Front, Experiment-O, Guest 1, Frequenze Poetiche and elsewhere

Visual works has been exhibited in
2016:- Italy (The Archaeological Park Scolacium, Calabria).
2017:- Spain (Barcelona).
2018:- Italy (Accademia d'Ungheria in Rome, Museo Sociale a Danisinni, Archivio di Comunicazione Visiva e Libri d'Artista - San Cataldo and at Muspac - Museo Sperimentale d'Arte Contemporanea dell'Aquila.), U.S.A (Ohio) and on Womens Asemic Writer exhibit(Spring, Summer and Autumn).