Sunday, October 21, 2018


JIM McCrary Engages

A Handbook of Disappointed Fate by Anne Boyer
(Ugly Duckling Presse, Brooklyn, N.Y., 2018)

S/ 2004 N1 by James Yeary
(The Magnificent Field, Grand Rapids, MI, 2018)

THE MONSTER’S TOPIC SENTENCE a chaotic murmur by Maryrose Larkin
(The Magnificent Field, Grand Rapids, MI, 2018)

This book changes the way I think and react to poetry/poetics/thoughtful text in the US today.  I do not believe I can honestly react to this book other than to recommend that anyone who can... should really try and locate and take the time to read the complete text that Boyer has written and Ugly Duckling has produced.


S/ 2004 N1 by James Yeary and THE MONSTER’S TOPIC SENTENCE a chaotic murmur by Maryrose Larkin

Two chapbooks "typeset, designed, printed and bound by Jen Tynes in Grand Rapids, Michigan, August 2018.  Publisher asks for a donation.

And was I floored to see the announcement of these two publications by two of my most favorite poets of these times.  And who, alas, are not so much published as many and, I must admit, I have published work by both of them in the past.

James Yeary is always up to this case he claims these poems were written as 'soundtrack'.  That said, as usual, fills one with wonder and Yeary backs up with more.  I will just reproduce an excerpt from a 'poem' in the chapbook:

Social Rosewater

Right now, in darkest space
the mother of the deep
takers her sixty-six thousand year
bend in our picture of the edge,
down stairs of drab concrete.

The coldest part of space
with our number in it
a logarithmic scale
of incomprehensible distance
ending in twisting staircases
we've somehow managed to ascend...."

As introduction to a thought or riff...or as explanation for thoughts turned to text......what will be is here for our amusement, consideration, ponderation, gasping, crackling and, perhaps, just as it is said.  All the usual depth and lightness of Yeary.  Well done.  Brilliant.  As they say.

Maryrose Larkin can and does ask and answer that which she is in the midst of.  Did I say that right?   Not sure but know for sure that her poetics has always and will I am sure continue to bring the kind of pleasure which does not come often. She is always as real as can be and seems to be...her 'voice' does that.  And yet, yet she opens up to the reader/one who listens.....a life beyond imagination that is described in detail, in thoughtful clarity and murmur, mumble and giggle.  That is just how it is.  As example ( and forgive me such a short example)...

As Monsters do we read
from yield to surrender
or from left to right?

the opposite of deceit
crowned in old life

as the
makeshift promise of
having escaped into
a back up solution
with brief patches of blue............." 'small' chapbooks perfectly produced and presented.  Look for them.


McCrary lives in Lawrence, Ks.  Latest chapbooks are Year Book and Red Hot Son Ettes...both from Really Old Gringo Press.  Work forthcoming in Otoliths Magazine and The End of The World Project Anthology.  Regular at 8th St Taproom poetry series in Lawrence downtown dive bar curated by M. Kaminski.