Monday, February 5, 2018


Happy Birthday, William Burroughs!
(103 this month had he continued)


Are you awake?
Go away.
What are you working on?
Make shit up.
Is that true?
You are an idiot (apologize for that).
What is your earliest memory?
Are you serious?
You asked.
What are you working on?
My grandmothers life in Lima Peru.
She was there?
Of course. Helped bring down the government 1905.
I just Googled that. Nothing. What do you mean?
Look again.
Whats your favorite line in English?
“Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.”
Who wrote that?
Listen again and you will know.
What do you think of the recent popularity of Emily Dickinson?
Leave her alone. Hands off.
Why do you say that?
Should be awfully obvious….no restraint needed.
One more question?


Jim McCrary lives in Lawrence, Ks and worked with William Burroughs during the last decade of his life.  He is acknowledged by Burroughs for helping transcribe notes, journals and conversations in two of his last publications:  My Education, A Book of Dreams and Last Words...the journals Burroughs kept.   McCrary also took Burroughs on trips to his cabin at a local lake and target shooting (he abhorred hunting) in the country which were not monitored and usually included vodka coke and a bit of weed to steady the hand. Visitors that McCrary thought the best were George Condo, Allen Ginsberg and Barry Miles.  McCrary’s latest publications is A Year Book from Shirt Pocket Press which is a memoir in a series of one line recollections for the 75 years of his life.