Monday, March 5, 2018


Galatea Resurrects (GR) receives so much great poetry, so many more than are reviewed. This list shall be of my Recommended Reads from the review copies we receive, and shall be updated over time (until GR is able to present a review).  Potential reviewers might also view this list as a more focused list of recommended review copies (versus our total list of available review copies HERE). Of course, taste is subjective -- and this list only reflects my personal opinion -- and this does not mean that other books on our total list of review copies are not worth perusing; this list also was began in March 2018 and so some older review copies are not on this list, as well as that at any point in time I would not have yet read all of the review copies.

I hope you follow up on these recommended lists, whether by reading on your own or by reviewing.

All best,

Eileen Tabios
Editor, Galatea Resurrects


MOSS & SILVER by Jure Detela, Trans. from the Slovene by Raymond Miller with Tatjana Jamnik  (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2018)

AGE OF GLASS by Anna Maria Hong (Cleveland State University Poetry Center, 2018)

AMERICAN LETTERS: Works on Paper by giovanni singleton (Canarium Books, 2018)